• CannaNerds Production Kit
  • CannaNerds Production Kit

CannaNerds Production Kit

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With the new Do-Ya-Own CannaNerds production set, producing delicious and colorful CannaCandys in your own kitchen is no longer a problem.

You don't need any know-how to make canna sweets, which are in no way inferior to the industrially produced original from the USA.
They're even better because you produced them yourself!
All you need is your own divine flowers in order to use the set to extract all the active ingredients from them and thus to produce 30 highly professional CannaNerds in just a few simple steps.
Everything you need is in the CannaNerds crafting kit. Delicious gold bears with all the active ingredients covered by original nerds from the U.S.A. Simply delicious!

You need 5 grams of your Divine Herbs to craft ~30 CannaNerds.
A nerd equals a small portion. With high tolerance but rather 2.
So you get up to 30 servings from your CannaNerds crafting kit.

Production time: approx. 2 hours