• CannaLean WildBerry Production Kit
  • CannaLean WildBerry Production Kit

CannaLean WildBerry Production Kit

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With the new Do-Ya-Own CannaLean production set, producing CannaLean in your own kitchen is no longer a problem.

You do not need any know-how to produce a CannaLean, which is in no way inferior to the professionally produced CannaLean from the USA.
It's even better because you produced it yourself!
All you need is your own divine flowers in order to use the set to extract all the active ingredients from them and thus produce a highly professional CannaLean in just a few simple steps.
Everything you need is in the CannaLean crafting kit.

Available in Cherry, Blueberry and Wildberry flavors.
You need 5 grams of your divine herbs to make 250ml of CannaLean.

The average dosage recommendation is 10-25ml per serving.
So you get up to 25 servings from your CannaLean!

Manufacturing time: 45 minutes

If you want to make an alcohol-free CannaLean, you need the steaming set in addition to the CannaLean set: CannaLean steaming set – Do-Ya-Own