By Till Kasch

About us

Hi, I'm Till Kasch, the founder of Do-Ya-Own CannaGoods.

Due to a spinal cord injury in 2009 at the age of only 15, I am a medical patient of the divine herbs ;)

It helps me to address many of the deficits that my paralysis has brought me.

Before consuming the divine herbs, I had daily spasms in my lower body, arms and legs, as well as constant migraines and morning sickness combined with severe stomach cramps.

At the end of 2015 I came up with the idea of ​​making food from it. I found the syrup the most interesting. So I looked for recipes on the internet and started to cook them.

After letting my first syrup simmer for a whopping 48 hours and then getting a dark brown, unsightly liquid, I was quite disappointed. Because I imagined something different when I thought of a CannaLean.

So I kept looking and found other recipes. I tried all of these too, but the result was either way too weak, or too dark with a terrible taste.

I thought to myself: "There has to be a better way!", so I started to get very involved with can..bis foods and how to make them.

After I started cooking for myself for almost two years, together with my fiancé Aliya, I thought that this know-how should be shared somehow.

When my first CannaLean cooking attempts didn't work at all, I longed very much for a preparation kit that worked best as simply as a Dr.Oetker baking mix. Where everything is there, where you might have to add an egg or a dash of milk. When I remembered it again in 2017, I knew immediately what my job should look like from that moment on. I will be developing my own edible crafting kits that are designed to be as easy as making a cake mix. Said and done! And then a month later I had my first set in my hands, built a website and started offering my sets there. Another month later, the first sale came about, which made me incredibly proud.

A lot of time has passed since then and we have worked a lot on our products.